Privacy Policy

When you visit the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader website, it is of our full interest to protect your personal data. Personal data is required for some of the services provided by the website to function. However, we must inform you that complete protection is not guaranteed. The following will elaborate on the same along with other aspects associated with the privacy policy of our website.

Our use of cookies

The YouTube Thumbnail Downloader website analyses your activity on the website for providing you a more customized experience based on your activity. Cookies help us in our analysis and our server sends them to your device when you visit our website. Henceforth, cookies are generated based on your searches and your activity and our recommendations will be customized based as per the analysis. You can deactivate the use of cookies from your browser settings. The deactivation, however, will create some restrictions for your experience and you will be unable to use the services of the website to the fullest. Your personal information will be stored on the Google server where it is protected with Google security. DART cookies are used by Google which analyses your search and your activity and provides you with advertisements based on that.

Our use of data

When you visit the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader website, some of your personal data is stored in the server. This data includes the URL you used, your IP address, your browser specifications, and your request specifications. YouTube Thumbnail Download online uses this data to provide you a more customized experience based on your activity on the website. The data is given to a trusted third party if and only if they are entrusted by YouTube Thumbnail Downloader. Your personal data will be stored in our logs for some time only. This time period is required to fulfill the storage purpose and once it is fulfilled, the data is deleted.

Our YouTube Integration

To enable our users to have the best experience, YouTube Thumbnail Downloader online uses YouTube videos. The website's integration of the YouTube videos is the same for all other websites which make of the same. When a YouTube video thumbnail download option is accessed, YouTube recognizes the page due to the video elements being downloaded by your web browser. YouTube recognizes the user and the recommendations which will follow will also be integrated with the YouTube recommendations of the user. The user, however, can prevent his or her personal information to be accessed by YouTube through the YouTube Thumbnail Download online website by logging out of their YouTube account before using this website.

Our use of advertisement

This website integrates advertisements in some of the videos. These advertisements are provided by Google AdSense. We look forward to hosting advertisements on the website and our association with Google AdSense fulfills that purpose. The ads appearing in the videos are once again customized by analyzing the cookies and are based on your activity, your request on the website. To prevent Google AdSense from getting access to your personal data (which is entrusted to them by us), block the access of cookies by the browser.

Ads will, however, be present as they are provided by default from Google. You can block all ads completely by deactivating interest-based ads from your browser.

Our tracking and profiling

YouTube Thumbnail Download online make the use of Google Analytics, which is service offered by Google for its operation. Google Analytics makes use of cookies to identify trends and the user’s preferences. As mentioned before these cookies will contain some of your data which is essential for some of the functionalities of the website to work. The information is stored in a Google server in the United States of America and is made secure with Google security.

The access of cookies can be blocked by the user from the browser setting but this will in turn not allow the user to use the website to the fullest.

It is to be noted, no conclusions about the user are reached based on the data that is collected by the cookies.

Your right to information

You have the right to information about the data stored about you at any time. The data controller will, at your request, also carry out corrections or deletions of the personal data, as long as there are no statutory retention requirements in this case.